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This article is about the changes, some of which that might have been quite unnoticeable, that we as a community have made over the past year.

In 2019, we realised that we had a lot more ambitions than we first thought. Over the course of multiple meetings we worked out…

A detailed view on a personal experience with remote and flexible work

Ever wondered about how remote and/or flexible work can impact your daily life? The past 2 years I have lived the remote and flexible life and I loved it! In this article I’ll tell you about my personal experience and findings of working flexible and remotely.

For 2 years I…

The challenges of event management and community building

A topview of a festive table with women dot code be community stickers spread out on it

Just like the year before, we’re taking a moment to look back upon 2019. We’ll talk about some of the ups and downs we are facing, how we managed our goals and what’s up next for our precious community.

2019, the ups and downs

So far we learned from our earlier mistakes and started planning…

Reasons that have made me doubt my career choice

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This post is probably one of the more controversial posts I have written so far and it might not be what you’d expect at first glance. This post is meant to get conversations starting on the working conditions that a lot of companies seem to force upon their employees.


What we learned so far of hosting a workshop without a budget

On a rainy Saturday in February 2019, our community organized it’s first workshop. With little to no experience regarding workshops we decided to do it anyway. Our workshop teacher was also a first-timer so it was good practice…

Looking back on 2018 and taking a sneak peek at what’s coming next

What 2018 teached us

Even though we started at the end of 2017, you could say our real start was in 2018. At first we were just an online name with a couple of people attached to it. …

Why we started our own local community for women who code

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Hi, my name is Claudia, I’m one of the co-founders of women.code(be) and this is the story of how our women.code(be) community came to exist.

A bit of personal history

I have been part of the tech community since 2006, that’s about when I started learning how to write code. …

Lessons learned from trying to become a better leader for my teams

You might already be familiar with the term retrospective or sprint retrospective, but if you’re not :

The Sprint Retrospective is an opportunity for the Scrum Team to inspect itself and create a plan for improvements to be enacted during the next Sprint.

So now that you know what a…

Lessons learned and how to enforce them with pushups

Working with a remote team comes with its challenges, such as time zone differences and connection issues, but most things can easily be overcome. Someone asked me how we manage our daily standups. …

Claudia R

👩‍💻 UX designer & (hobbyist) front-end developer ✨ Community founder @womendotcodebe

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